Sales Analysis Report with Dates

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➥ Geminate comes with the feature to add 'Invoice Date' and 'Shipment Date' inside sales order and sales     analysis reporting. It helps you to generate a report analytically based on date of month when sale orders     are invoiced or shipped mainly for decision making purposes and track the status of invoicing and shipping     for sale orders.

Available Key Features:

1. Stores 'Shipment Date' on sale order.

2. Stores 'Invoice Date' on sale order.

3. Adds shipment date and invoice date search filters on sale order and sale analysis reporting.

4. Helps to generate sales reports analytically based on shipment date or invoice date.

5. Helps for decision making purpose

6. Easy to track status of invoicing and shipping.

7. Separates the total amount from date of shipment and date of invoice in the sales analysis.

8. Easy to use and quick to apply.


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