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About Our Track Shipment Location Realtime

  • Geminate comes with an amazing feature of real-time tracking of shipment location once the shipment is out for delivery. it allows you to define routes and each route can have multiple delivery orders which are assigned to the delivery boy. While the delivery boy is on his way to deliver the shipments, the customer, the delivery boy, and the backend team all three different roles of the user can monitor and track the progress in real-time with the powerful use of GPS from their own account.

  • In case, the shipment is not delivered successfully for any reason, we allow the delivery boy to add the reason so it can be taken care of in near future with utmost priority.

  • Feedback is the same as important to improve the system, we collect customer feedback and send timely notifications to customers about the status of a delivery order.

Nowadays, PWA is more powerful, so it supports accurate UI using pwa with company-specific design when you have a multi-company environment.


Key Features Of Our Track Shipment Location Realtime


With a Chat method, the admin can question and answer the ask of both delivery guy and consumer. This will grant safe and effective distribution of the order to the consumer without a bit hassle.

Delivery Agent Tracking App

Our Delivery Agent Tracking App grants us to acknowledge orders, track actions, current location, manage position and secure consumer response on the go! Built with extreme accuracy GPS location following and nominal battery power consumption helps them to use it continually. 

Proof of Delivery

Consumers will be informed instantly when order is assigned through SMS / Text. Our Proof of Delivery App grants to consumers shall record order status and delivery guys will accumulate Proof of Delivery such as Signature, Photo and location. Finally, You will never miss a delivery.

Push Notification Alerts

Delivery guys will never worry about missing assigned orders. Delivery guys receive an instant notify with alert by beep sound instantly when an order is allocated by the admin. They can instantly either accept or refuse the order as per their availability and workload.

Delivery Boy Management

Admin can deal with the delivery guys details and delivery order along an smoothly accessible app. It eases the process of distribution task and saves the admin and delivery guy to manually check into the orders.

Quick Order Search

The app end users particularly admin and delivery guys can now request the filter in orders to search the wanted order. This will grant them to smoothly manage the app without the requirement of operating through a long list of orders.

Completing A Delivery And Order Invoice

You will be able to download an invoice as soon as you deliver your goods. You can also customize the style and content of all of your documents. Also Make online and mobile invoicing.

Completing A Delivery And Order Invoice

The merchant can recognize and verify documents from transfer commanders to originate to give ruling class individual logins. Delivery lads can sign in into the app accompanying an report constructed by the admin. You can establish diversified admins to accomplish this account invention process.

Active and Waiting Orders

Delivery guy can see the list of orders assigned by the store admin from the backend system. Assigned orders in the standby list will move to the Active list afterwards acceptance of the order by the delivery guy.

Order History

Order history lets delivery guys keep record of all the orders they had done. Delivery guys can see the list of finished orders in the order history and filter it based on particular date ranges to find more information on specific orders.

Order Status Updates

Keep consumers informed of their order status to organize to receive their order. Easily view and informed the order status any time as On Hold, On the Way, Cancelled, Delivered etc.

Track Active Orders

The list of active orders with shipment address and location on Google map is constantly available for the delivery guy to track path. Route tracking between current point and parcel location for fast delivery guarantees quicker delivery to consumers.

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Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture

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