Meeting Linking Tasks

Meeting Linking Tasks

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Meeting Linking Tasks

Geminate comes with a facility for Meeting Linking Tasks in which user can link multiple tasks to meeting. In a meeting, it is hard to remember important topics and tasks at the time of the meeting. when creating a meeting the User can get all the tasks by their meeting type on the same page so the User can be more focused on the meeting.

The benefit of this feature is, Our module is designed to streamline the management of meetings and tasks within your organization. With this module, you can easily Coordinate schedules, Assign tasks, and Track progress, all in one centralized system. By integrating the Meeting and Tasks we provide a seamless experience for efficient collaboration and productivity.

By automating these processes, our module simplifies the management of meetings and tasks, reducing manual effort and improving overall efficiency. With a clear overview of your team's tasks and the ability to easily track progress, you can ensure effective collaboration and timely completion of projects.

Experience the convenience and productivity of our module for managing meetings and tasks, and streamlining your workflow for enhanced team coordination and success.

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Exciting Features

Simplify task coordination with integrated calendar meeting
Coordinate schedules, Assign tasks, and Track progress
Easily link multiple tasks to meeting
Automate task updates for modified or removed meeting types
Collaborate better with centralized task and meeting.
Boost productivity with seamless integration

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

Go to Calendar.

Go to Project.

Creating a Task.

After Clicking "Compute Tasks" button go to Tasks.

"Status" of "Tasks" has 4 stages:

Reschedule: If there is a meeting with a past date, the "Status" of the task will be set to "Reschedule".

"Task Name" + Date: If the date of the meeting is in the future, the "Status" of the task will be set to "Task Name" followed by the date of the meeting.

In a Meeting: If the task is currently being discussed in current meeting, the "Status" of the task will be set to "In A Meeting". We can also change the "Status" of Tasks by the Button "SET MEETING".

To Schedule : If the task does not have any associated meeting, the task "Status" will be marked as "To Schedule".We can also change the "Status" of Tasks by the Button "CLEAR MEETING".

To Set task status to "In Meeting" select that task and press "Set Meeting".

As you can see the status of that Task is updated to "To Schedule".

If Our Task's current stage is set to "Done"

Go to task and change the current stage

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