Selected Record Strike Out Saved

Selected Record Strike Out Saved

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Selected Record Strikeout Saved

Geminate comes with feature to save color of highlighted on listview record and when reload or refresh. Which helps to save your time in search the records manually all the time. It ll stay as it either selected or non-selected.

To remove highlighted background, again reset color will be done manually.

Exciting Features

It is available for any listview regardless of pagination limit.
Here one can select any record and strikeout.
After opening the record you will also see a label that the record is strikeout.
Here, even after reloading the page, no change will be seen on the struck out record.
Even after logging out here, no changes will be seen on the strikeout record.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

Go to Sales → Orders → Quotations
When you click on strikeout icon.
When you select any record, a check mark will appear on that record and the icon color will also change.
When you click on any record from the selected record, after opening the record, you will see a label of "STRIKEOUT".
Click Log Out.
Login again
After logging out and logging back in, the record you ticked will remain the same.

The record will remain the same even after reloading the page.
If you click on the checkbox, the record will not be a strikeout.

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