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Web Most Visited Links

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Web Most Visited Links

Geminate comes with a feature to review recent visited history of all database objects by you. it will helps to save your time in search to recall database object operation manually everytime. Additionally it will helps to check and review lots of operations at single location. You can manage un-necessary recent history by deleting them. even you can configure fixed number of records to be displayed in recent document history userwise.

In Web Most Visited Links you can set visited link limit, so that you will see only set limited links. And if you don't want to use them, you can easily delete them.

Exciting Features

Set limit for recent document history from user setting.
Manage un-necessary and old history by clearing them.
Save your time in search the database object operation manually.
Review recent visited history of all database objects.
Check and review many recent document history from single location.
Easy to setup, use and very quick.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

Web Most Visited Links

Go to -> User Profile -> My Profile
Go to -> Settings -> General Settings
Go to Sales -> Products -> Products
When you can click on "Most Visited Links" button.
Go to Sales -> Products -> Products and click on "Most Visited Links" button.

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