Next-Generation CRM Management System

Attract and retain more customers with the ideal CRM system centered around customers only

As a growing CRM Development Company , we account to adopt new and exciting prospects to help you store your content information, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities in one central location that can be accessible by many in real-time.

Be more attentive towards the customer with intuitive customer management tools

Interactive And Appealing CRM Dashboard  Interactive And Appealing CRM Dashboard  

Never get tired of looking at the interactive CRM dashboard that is filled with appealing visualizations and configuration tools that will enhance the operational readiness of your business with custom stages on leads and seamless activity scheduling.

Seamless Lead Generation
Seamless Lead Generation  

Augment your business opportunities and generate high-quality leads from many different sources such as eCommerce platforms, websites, incoming emails, promotional and marketing campaigns. This will help your business amplify the sales figures and generate enhanced revenue.

Sales Management Through Dedicated Window
Sales Management Through Dedicated Window

The best thing about the CRM functionality offered by Odoo ERP is that it is equipped with a dedicated menu on the dashboard that can help your business describe different sales operations that are related to CRM activities

Comprehensive Odoo ERP Services

Odoo ERP Implementation

   Odoo ERP Implementation

Make Odoo ERP implementation a seamless and hassle-free process by leveraging our easily deployable Odoo ERP implementation solutions that are known for enhancing the efficiency of the entire Odoo ERP implementation process.

Odoo ERP Support And Maintenance
 Odoo ERP Support And Maintenance 

Our organization is equipped with a highly competent team of Odoo ERP support experts who will provide you technical and functional support at any time and instant for any issues you come across while operating your Odoo ERP solution.

Odoo ERP Customization

Odoo ERP is equipped with many different features and applications that do not always fu8nction the way we want them to. However, we can always customize these features and even add new features to suit every requirement of our business and organization as a whole.

Odoo ERP Integration

Integrate your Odoo ERP solution with all the other solutions and applications in your organization to take care of different aspects of the business from a single unified platform. This will help the business access any information in real-time and facilitate effective organization management with ease.

Odoo ERP Themes

 Odoo ERP Themes

Why have a boring-looking interface when we have something different and interesting. Organizations can leverage our Odoo ERP theme design and development solutions that will surely enhance the visual appeal of your Odoo ERP interface and make work much more fun for all.

Odoo ERP Training

Train and equip your workforce with easy-to-understand Odoo ERP training services offered by our Odoo experts. This will help everyone in your organization understand everything that revolves around Odoo and enhance the overall efficiency and accuracy of different business operations.

We at Geminate have a comprehensive understanding of the Odoo ERP solution, which enables us to ensure that your Odoo ERP is easy to integrate, enhances the organization's growth, and enhances the productivity of employees. But apart from that, there are other qualities as well that makes us different from other Odoo ERP service providers

 Leverage The Full Potential Of Odoo ERP

Our Odoo ERP experts will provide you with highly augmented solutions that will enable you to derive the full potential of your Odoo ERP system without any hassle.

Secure And Safe Integration

Our organization ensures that authorized users only access all your data as it helps us reduce or even eliminate the risk of cyberattacks. Further, this also helps one eliminate the chances of encountering downtime caused by security issues.

Experienced Team Of Odoo Experts

Our organization is equipped with numerous well-versed and highly experienced Odoo ERP experts who will develop best-in-class solutions for your business.

Odoo ERP Customer Relationship Management
Odoo ERP CMS System
Odoo Opensource Customer Management System

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